Alsace Réseau Neutre

Our Ethics

Alsace Réseau Neutre (ARN) is an activist organization

… led by enthusiastic and benevolent volunteers.

We oppose the misuse of technology…

…and are committed to accessible, sustainable and liberating digital technology.

Striked logos of Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple and Microsoft

For this, we provide alternative tools and contents...

…to achieve our goal to live together in a digital utopia.

Our Goals

Inform on digital technology issues

The migration towards a digital society reveals major drifts in terms of fundamental freedoms, access to information and democracy.

We want to understand and explain these issues in order to find more virtuous answers.

Create and support viable alternatives

In reaction to the advent of surveillance capitalism, we plan to create a safe online utopia with no commercial tracking.

We encourage user autonomy and promote the concepts of decentralization and Net neutrality.

Fight obsolescence and waste

A great part of digital pollution is caused by mass production and the obsolescence of technological devices.

We fight for more sustainable uses and technologies, and for extending the life span of our devices with the help of free software.

Our Concrete Solutions


We regularly host workshops and events about digital awareness to help individuals regain full control over their data.


Our organization provides online services respecting the Alternative Transparent Open Neutral Supportive Hosts Collective (CHATONS) charter.


The association provides, from the city of Schiltigheim, various supports and tools to host your own online services.


As an associative internet service provider member of the FAI associatifs à but non lucratifs">FFDN, we can assure you that the internet access we offer follows the principles of Net Neutrality.