What is a VPN tunnel?

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) tunnel virtually connects your computer to another network. Regarding ARN's VPN tunnels, it looks as if your equipment was connected with a cable plugged directly into the server cabinet of our association.

The websites you visit, the emails you receive, the messages you send, and basically all your online activities, will be seen as coming out of ARN's servers.

When should you use a VPN?

Short notice : ARN VPNs are not a solution for anonymity or geolocation outside of France. For this, take a look at Tor Browser instead.

Secure your connection

To avoid "Wi-Fi sniffing", i.e. the tapping of your connection by your Internet Service Provider (ISP), and also to protect your data when you use a public Wi-Fi.


These VPNs are designed for self-hosting (including emails) and are compatible with YunoHost and Internet bricks.

Unbridle your connection

Prevent Net Neutrality violations by your ISP, return of the beloved good old Internet…

Geolocate in France

Access contents available only in France from anywhere in the world, by using our connection based in Schiltigheim.

Access to IPv6

ARN VPNs are IPv6 compatible, even if your own network only supports IPv4.

Our pricing

VPN Tunnel

€4 / month

1 public IPv4
1 public IPv6 prefix
Customizable reverse DNS (IPv4 & IPv6)
Compatible with PC and smartphone
Up to symmetric 80 Mbps
OpenVPN technology

Internet Cube

€4 / month + €60

1 public IPv4
1 public IPv6 prefix
Customizable reverse DNS (IPv4 & IPv6)
Compatible with PC and smartphone
Up to symmetric 40 Mbps
OpenVPN technology

Know more

Tax free price (art 293B of the CGI). No commitment. Access to these services requires a membership to the association. Renewal of subscription and annual membership by tacit agreement. Subscription payable in Ğ1 (4DU/month).

How to subscribe

1. Create an account in the member space and register for the service

Most of our services are reserved for the members of the association. You have to join ARN to use our VPN service. Create an account on the member space, then " Request a new subscription ".

2. Validation and payment

The volunteer team verifies that there are sufficient resources left to provision the service, validates your request and starts the service.

3. Access your service and payment

Once your service is set up, you can access information and documentation about it on the " My subscriptions ". Please proceed to the payment of the membership if you have not already done so, and to the setting up of a standing order, or else to pay several months in advance in one go.

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